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June 14, 2017

Hello 30! New year of life and less fucks given

Welcome to my life Ladies and Gents

I turned thirty years young a few days ago and brought in the next year of my life surrounded by a fantastic group of family and friends. The last five years have been an emotional and physical rollercoaster that are shaping me into the badass that I am destined to be.

I was lazy getting this blog launched for quite a bit now. Through reflecting on life experiences and embracing the Law of Attraction, I decided that today is the day to put myself out there and stop playing small.

I have been living a life of worry, anxiety and fear while my inner spirit animal (who is probably a mix of Rihanna and Claire Underwood) has been running around naked waving her freak flag ready to break free. Tearing myself down for so long led me to almost completely lose my shit so I changed course to love myself with reckless abandon.

At this very moment I am drinking a glass of Merlot and writing this blog post in my new city of Las Vegas. I am sitting inside the house I bought with my own damn money. My car is paid off and parked in the garage. There is food in my fridge. Did I mention that I was unemployed? (and have been for three months now). With all of that going on I have to admit that I am the happiest that I have been in a long time. It’s great to truly feel the meaning of the word blessed.

I am on a mission to live an unapologetic life, kick negative vibes to the curb and manifest my hearts desires into reality. I will be sharing my experiences on my path to self love and happiness while expressing myself through words (and bright colors). Doing no harm but taking no shit.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.