May 7, 2017



Who the hell is Maisha and why is she choosing between fruit or sangria?

Hi! My name is Maisha and welcome to my lifestyle and travel blog where I unapologetically share the beautiful insanity of my world without a filter.

First things first let’s go ahead and get the correct pronunciation of my name down. Maisha is pronounced My – E – Shuh. No, it isn’t a random name my mother created while doped up on the good meds in the delivery room. It means life in Swahili.

I have always been inquisitive and ready to take on the world even from inside the womb. I was born three months premature determined to be a Gemini and i’m pretty sure I was like “F this shit, it’s dark in here and I want out!”. Boom, a chocolate goddess was born.

As I was preparing to turn thirty years young and contemplating what to do next with my life over a glass of Sangria after being laid off, I decided that I wanted to share information and my experiences with anyone willing to listen. Tipsy, I realized that life is a series of choices. I can be good and have fruit, I could be bad and have sangria or give the world the middle finger salute and throw my fruit in the wine with a splash of brandy and live free in the gray area. I wasn’t meant to be tamed and when your mom names you Life, you are required to live the shit out of it right? Hell yeah you are.

Fruit or Sangria is about trying to navigate my way through life, being my authentic self, eating a lot, sharing knowledge, lifting others up and traveling the world with a dash of sugar, spice and a double shot of curse words.

Feel free to email me regarding questions, comments, inquiries, or just to be like “Hey, girl hey!”. I’d love to chat with you.



**Disclaimer** I like to have a drink (and am of the legal age to do so) but I do not encourage underage drinking or alcoholism. Fruit or Sangria is a play on words.

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